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In 1949, Panerai Luminor Replica launched a new type of self-luminous material called Luminor, which is not only safer and more luminous than radium Radiomir. The new tritium (hydrogen isotope) based compound was patented on January 11, 1949 under the trademark "Luminor".The new tritium (hydrogen isotope) based compound was patented on 11 January 1949 under the "Luminor" trademark.The evolution from Radiomir to Luminor was completed in the Fifties with the invention of the signature crown-protecting device which was patented in Italy in 1955 and almost one year later in the USA. The patent application for a "Tight Seal Device" was filed by brother and sister Giuseppe and Maria Giuseppe Panerai, also listed as the inventors.

The Panerai luminor replica watch has become more and more popular, and more and more in the fake world, get a lot of attention, certainly a lot more than it did, let’s say, about five years ago. I can even safely say that, aside from , Panerai is one of the most replicated brands out there, both as an homage (where small details are changed and produced under a different name, Parnis, for example) and as a Panerai replica. Whichever it is, the end product is satisfactory to say the least.